Zimbabwe is gradually, precariously, beginning to show signs of stabilizing. The cholera epidemic is slowing and teachers have ended a year long strike, reopening schools across the country. But the country still hangs by a thread, the improvements fragile, and the country needs strong support from the African Union (AU) to keep things moving forward.
In a few weeks, we’ll deliver our petition with signatures from over 85,000 ONE members calling on the AU to support the new Zimbabwean government. Before we do, will you help us reach the goal of 100,000 signatures on this petition by emailing a couple of friends and asking them to join you in taking action?


This petition won’t be the end of the line for our work on Zimbabwe, there will be much more to do, but it’s a critical first step. Zimbabwe is on the verge of being able to function again. With strong AU support to ensure that the unity government delivers on its promise of democracy, there is a chance that things could get back on track for the people who have been through extraordinarily tough times.



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